Triumph Acclaim

The Triumph Acclaim was a controversial car when launched. A joint venture with Honda, it was essentially a mildly reworked Honda Ballade - a Civic saloon - filling a large gap in the Triumph model range left when the Dolomite was discontinued. It was the first Japanese car to be built/assembled within the European Economic Community, as a way of getting around the voluntary restrictions placed on the number of Japanese cars that were allowed to be imported.

The Acclaim body panels were pressed from British steel, welded, painted trimmed and badged in Cowley, but the engine, suspension, transmission, steering and brakes were shipped over from Japan.

The Acclaim was the first UK produced car to have an injection moulded plastic dashboard.

The widely praised Dolomite Sprint had no direct Acclaim replacement, but Avon Coachworks produced a limited number of turbocharged cars at a cost of £2600 + VAT on top of the purchase price. The Turbo Technics developed Garrett T3 turbo boasted a claimed 35 horsepower increase in power. This was also offered, at even greater extra cost, in conjunction with hugely upgraded trim and fixtures, including Connolly leather seat trim, burr-walnut veneer dashboard and door cappings, metallic paint and a chrome plated radiator grille.

The Acclaim lasted from October 1981 through to Summer 1984, when it was replaced by the Rover 200 - based on the replacement Honda Ballade model.

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, October 1980

CAR Magazine, October 1980

Ballade - Honda's Triumph for '81

From out of hiding comes the Honda BL will use to replace the Dolomite

CAR Magazine, November 1981

CAR Magazine, November 1981


Sparks fly as BL's robots make Triumph Acclaims with a quality that impresses even their Honda creators.

CAR Magazine, January 1982

No Magazine Cover Yet

Giant Test

VW Jetta GL v Triumph Acclaim HLS v Renault 18GTL

Motor Magazine, w/e 16th January 1982

Motor Magazine, w/e January 16th 1982

Group Test - Best Sellers

Ford Cortina 1.6GL v Talbot Solara 1.6GL v Triumph Acclaim HLS v Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6GL

CAR Magazine, June 1983

No Magazine Cover Yet

Long Term Test : No Offence

Reliability, something not always associated with BL products, was the most memorable characteristic of our LTT Triumph Acclaim, though the spritely Honda drivetrain also won it approval

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