Citroen BX

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, October 1982

Newcomers : No longer the rebel

Individual or not, Citroen's BX is a fine car with performance, economy and comfort on its side

CAR Magazine, October 1983

CAR Magazine, October 1983

Newcomers : New era Citroen

Citroen's impressive BX makes it to Britain at last - has style to make other cars go green

CAR Magazine, November 1983

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Giant Test

Datsun Stanza 1.6SGL v Alfa Romeo 33 v Citroen BX16

Performance Car, November 1983

Performance Car Magazine, November 1983

Citroen aim for the middle

Citroen have launched their attack on the UK medium-sized market with the release of their BX range.

Performance Car, September 1986

Performance Car Magazine, September 1986

Citroen BX19 GTi

Citroen may not have been wholly enthusiastic about falling more conventionally into the corporate line with their latest BX models, but as Kirk Rogers discovered with the rapid BX 19 GTi, the change brought interesting results.

Performance Car, March 1987

Performance Car March 1987

French Revolution

VW Golf GTi v Citroen BX19GTi

Performance Car, April 1989

Performance Car Magazine, April 1988

Impressions : Citroen BX 4x4

Citroen's BX joins the growing ranks of affordable 4x4s, with a simple but very effective all-drive system.

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