Alfa Romeo 33 (Type 905 and 907)

The Alfa Romeo 33 was the replacement for the much-praised Alfasud model, designed in conjunction with Giugiaro. It was launched in 1983 and lasted in production until 1994.

The flat-four "boxer" engine was carried over (albeit in a refined form) from the Alfasud. The original Type 905 model had a mild facelift in 1986 but was replaced in January 1990 with the revised Type 907 model - immediately distinguished by the 164-like front end styling treatment.

An interesting oddity of the Type 907 range was the three cylinder turbodiesel model.

Specifications and performance

Model: 1987 33 1.7 Veloce
Top speed: 118mph
0-60mph: 9.1 seconds
Standing quarter mile: 16.5 seconds
Power: 118bhp

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, July 1983

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Crucial to Alfa Romeo's hoped for renaissance on the European market is the success of the new Alfa 33. Ian Fraser drives the newcomer and assesses its chances.

CAR Magazine, November 1983

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Giant Test

Datsun Stanza 1.6SGL v Alfa Romeo 33 v Citroen BX16

Auto Performance Magazine, January 1984

Auto Performance Magazine, January 1984

Alfabet Soup

Alfa 33 Gold Cloverleaf

Photos, brochures, adverts and magazine pages

Alfa Romeo 33 Advert