Austin Maestro (LM10)

Specifications and performance

Model: 1983 Maestro 1.6 Vanden Plas
Max Speed: 101mph
0-60: 11.3 Seconds
Power: 81bhp
Engine: 1598cc four cylinder

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, January 1980

CAR Magazine, January 1980

Scoop! Out of hiding comes BL's ready-for-the-road Metro...

...with big brother LC10 waiting to press home the fight

CAR Magazine, September 1981

CAR Magazine, September 1981

World Exclusive : It's LM10

Metro was a beginning. But the crucial car in BL's recovery is 1983's Allegro replacement called LM10, first of a multi-car front-wheel-drive family designed to challenge the Escort and Cortina in the hottest market of them all

CAR Magazine, December 1982

CAR Magazine, December 1982

Maestro! World exclusive

CAR Magazine, April 1983

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Maestro Master-Stroke!

Meet Austin Maestro, Britain's new family car whose sales will decide - literally - whether BL live or die. On our first drive, it looks very good. Later, it might be brilliant.

CAR Magazine, September 1983

Photos, brochures, adverts and magazine pages

AE Pistons / Austin Maestro Advert