Vauxhall Nova

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, May 1981

CAR Magazine, May 1981

Scoop! GM S-Car

CAR Magazine, April 1982

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Vauxhall's Metro!

Here come the Luton men with a great new mini-car to upset Ford's and BL's applecart

CAR Magazine, November 1982

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Corsa! GM Blitzes the minis

Autocar Magazine, w/e 7th May 1983

Autocar Magazine, w/e 14th May 1983

Now it's Nova!

Vauxhall Director John Bagshaw has high hopes for his company's new supermini, the Nova, which went on sale this week. Those expectations include sales this year of 27,000 Novas with 50,000 sales the target for 1984. If achieved, these volumes will give GM's first supermini 6th or 7th place in the UK sales league and dramatically change the face of Britains's new-car market

CAR Magazine, June 1983

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Newcomers : Baby Vauxhall lands at last

GM's sweet supermini, called Nova in Britain, is here. It's a mix of good looks and gremlins

CAR Magazine, February 1984

CAR Magazine, February 1984

Giant Test

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