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CAR Magazine, November 1981

CAR Magazine, November 1981

Scoop! Peugeot on the BL trail

As Talbot prepare to launch their new 104-based baby called Samba this autumn, Jeffrey Daniels expounds the theory that a blinkered PSA group are making the same sort of mistakes that sunk BMC

Motor Magazine, w/e 16th January 1982

Motor Magazine, w/e January 16th 1982

News Flashes

Talbot has decided to retain the name Samba for its new small car which will be launched in the UK next month. It will be available in Britain in four levels of interior trim - LE, LS, GL and GLS - and three engine sizes, 954cc, 1124cc and 1360cc. A cabriolet version will be introduced in the summer.

CAR Magazine, February 1982

CAR Magazine February 1982

Newcomers : Talbot do the Samba

With the steps provided by Peugeot, Talbot dealers have a smart new dance for their customers

CAR Magazine, April 1982

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Giant Test

Renault 5TL v Talbot Samba GL v VW Polo C

CCC Magazine, June 1982


Free Wheelin'

Talbot Samba GL

CAR Magazine, January 1983

CAR Magazine, January 1983

[On the Cabriolet] Some unkind souls have been wondering whether the Cabriolet should not be classed as a large toy rather than a car. Indeed, with the roof up it does look a bit like it could be boxed and given to the kids for Christmas. But with hood lowered and tonneau cover in place, this diminutive convertible takes on an altogether more classy air.

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