Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W126)

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CAR Magazine, December 1979

CAR Magazine, December 1979

Battle Royal

Mercedes Benz 500SE v Jaguar XJ5.3

CAR Magazine, November 1980

CAR Magazine, November 1980

Supremacy class

A new S-class bought today will be in active service in the 21st century, claim Mercedes-Benz. After driving from Stuttgart to London in the first right-hooker 380SEL, Bob Murray reckons that would be just fine by him...

CAR Magazine, September 1981

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Newcomers : Giant Test

BMW 735IA v Mercedes Benz 500SEL v Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas

CAR Magazine, October 1981

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Starship Enterprise

These spectacular Mercedes two-doors are more than new coupe derivatives of the world-beating S-class saloons; they bring a round of technical breakthroughs into the whole range.

CAR Magazine, December 1981

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Newcomers : Mercedes march on

Mercedes-Benz have used their launch of a new S-class coupe to refine the design from all angles

CAR Magazine, February 1982

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Top Ten : Grand Saloon

Mercedes Benz 380SEL £19,450

CAR Magazine, September 1982

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Clash of the titans

Aston Martin V8 v Mercedes Benz 500SEC

CAR Magazine, September 1982

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Beyond the star

There's hardly a car on the road that needs body decoration, power improvement and a suspension job less than Merc's 500SEC. But done by AMG, says Ian Fraser, they seem almost indispensible

CAR Magazine, May 1983

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Giant Test

Saab 900CD v Jaguar XJ3.4 v Mercedes Benz 280SE

Autocar Magazine, w/e 7th May 1983

Autocar Magazine, w/e 14th May 1983

Slot Machine

With gullwing doors and an extravaganza of horizontal slots, Franco Sbarro's version of the Mercedes SEC could hardly be described as understated, yet it was the least outrageous example of Mercedes bodywork modification to be seen at the recent Geneva Show.

Car Magazine, October 1983

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Class Conflict

BMW 745i v Mercedes Benz 500SE

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