Jaguar XJS

Model: 1983 XJS HE
Max Speed: 152mph
0-60: 7.8 Seconds
Power: 295bhp
Engine: 5343cc twelve cylinder vee

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, March 1981

CAR Magazine, March 1981

The Big Numbers

Jaguar XJS v Porsche 928

CAR Magazine, August 1981

CAR Magazine, August 1981

Jaguar's fireball!

After (in their own words) being allowed to whither on the vine, Jaguar's XJS is reborn - with a revamped V12 engine, cleaner looks and far better build quality

CAR Magazine, July 1983

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Jaguar are storming back into the motor racing world with dynamic, 400bhp XJS coupes that can floor the BMWs

CAR Magazine, October 1983

CAR Magazine, October 1983

Jaguar Cabriolet!

CAR Magazine, December 1983

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Newcomers : Jaguar in the open

A true open-air roadster the Jaguar XJ-SC cannot claim to be but it does have the new straight six in its favour

Performance Car, June 1988

Performance Car Magazine, June 1988

Breaking Cover

The Jaguar XJ-S kept an unplanned low profile for several years, until styling changes in the early 1980s gave it a much-needed new lease of life. The 3.6 Cabriolet followed, then the 3.6 Coupe; now Jaguar hope the Convertible will take the brake off XJ-S sales once and for all

Fast Lane, September 1989

Fast Lane magazine, Septembe 1989

Willi's wildcat

Willi Koenig, the Munich-based car converter, surprised everyone a couple of years ago with a subtle revision of the Testarossa. Here, with the the XJ-S Wildcat, he has reverted to type. For DM 48,000 (about £16,000), you get wide wheels and fat tyres, and the body alterations shown here. A two-tone treatment of Cerise above Candy Apple Tangerine might make a suitable colour scheme.

Photos, brochures, adverts and magazine pages

TWR JaguarSport XJ-S
Jaguar XJS advert
Jaguar XJS advert