Jaguar XJ40

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CAR Magazine, April 1984

CAR Magazine, April 1984

New Jag!

Under its purpose-built GRP disguising sits Jaguar's 1985 Mercedes-buster, the XJ40, snapped in France cruising on an autoroute

Performance Car, March 1988

Performance Car Magazine, March 1988

Long Term Test : Jaguar XJ6 3.6

Performance Car, April 1988

Performance Car Magazine, April 1988


Jaguar's award winning electrical system for the XJ6 will become £19.20 a car cheaper thanks to four apprentices. They worked out how to reduce the number of components needed to operate the rear lights. The Jaguar's electrical system received a Design Centre award.

Performance Car, June 1988

Performance Car Magazine, June 1988

Rhine Gold

Take one thoroughly English Jaguar XJ6, one highly respected German tuner, stir in two Japanese turbochargers and a dash of style, and what do you get? You get the elegantly understated 330bhp, 160mph Arden Biturbo Jaguar which Brian Laban has been driving around the Lower Rhineland district from where it hails

Performance Car, April 1989

Performance Car Magazine, April 1988

Fresh air and fun

JaguarSport XJR-3.6

Fast Lane, September 1989

Fast Lane magazine, Septembe 1989

Smoother, fiercer cat

For increased smoothness as much as for extra grunt, Jaguar has increaased the size of the 24-valve, six-cylinder fitted to the XJ-6 from 3.6 to four litres. Some other important improvements have been made to 1990 models.

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