Ford Cortina (Mk1)

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Small Car, January 1965

Small CAR Magazine, January 1965

And the car...

As you'll gather (with luck and patience) from photographer Northey's rantings, the Cortina GT we borrowed from Ford for the trip went beautifully. What we most wanted to try was the newly strapped-down rear suspension, but we reckoned the outing would give us a chance to prove Ford's comprehensive ventilation system as well

Small Car, June 1965

CAR Magazine, June 1965

The big throw-down

Toyota Corona, Isuzu Bellett, Ford Cortina, Morris 1100

CAR Magazine, August 1965

CAR August 1965

Giant Test

Ford Cortina 1200 v Volkswagen 1200

CAR Magazine, September 1965

CAR September 1965

David Owen goes automatic in a Lotus

Ford Consul Cortina 1500cc saloon was bad enough. Ford Consul Cortina 1500cc saloon modified by Lotus was even worse. But Ford Consul Cortina 1500cc Automatic saloon modified by Lotus modified by Borg Warner is too long a name for any car. So we'll stick to Automatic Lotus Cortina.

CAR Magazine, April 1966

CAR Magazine, April 1966

Race Proven : Lotus Cortina-Cosworth

We drive this circuit saloon 600 miles on winter roads - and only two miles on the track

CAR Magazine, October 1982

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First Fast Ford

The Lotus Cortina, Britain's first sporty Ford, has a direct link with the new Sierra XR4

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