Ford Corsair

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CAR Magazine, January 1966

CAR Magazine, January 1966

4our men in a Ford

Being a concise account of the manner in which certain of the staff of this Journal, with others, completed a Trek of some 1500 miles in a self-propelled V4 Motor Carriage constructed after the modern fashion by Mr Ford of Dagenham, Essex

CAR Magazine, February 1966

CAR Magazine, February 1966

Giant Test

Ford Corsair V4 v Hillman Super Minx

CAR Magazine, March 1967

CAR April 1967

2nd thoughts on some recent Fords

Ford Cortina GT, Zephyr V4, Corsair 2000E

CAR Magazine, July 1967

CAR Magazine, July 1967

E : Ford's E-Type

The best Ford yet? People said the same about the Mark Four. But the 2000E is something different - an understated design with no trace of vulgarity. We think it will do well, at least until Fiat's 125 arrives

CAR Magazine, September 1967

CAR September 1967


Sir John Whitmore's Corsair V6 and Zodiac 4.7 V8 by Alan Mann

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Ford Corsair advert