Ford Capri (Mk3)

Specifications and performance

1983 Capri 1.6LS
Max Speed: 98mph
0-60: 12.5 Seconds
Power: 73bhp
Engine: 1593cc four cylinder

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, October 1979

CAR Magazine, October 1979

Something old, something new

Ford Capri 3000S

CAR Magazine, July 1980

CAR July 1980

Newcomers : Ford Capri X-Pack

How to make your Ford go faster. Henry Milton on the X-packs

CAR Magazine, October 1980

CAR Magazine, October 1980

X marks the spot

LJK Setright on Ford's 3.0litre Capri X-pack - a boy racer slingshot with a difference

CAR Magazine, August 1981

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Below-stairs bolide

It can top 130mph, it has a delicacy and balance of handling that turns winding roads into an unbridled pleasure - but the greatest virtue of this latest 2.8i flier, says LJK Setright, is that it reminds you but rarely of its origins as 'only a Ford Capri'

CAR Magazine, February 1982

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Top Ten : Large Performance Car

Ford Capri 2.8i £8274

Hot Car, April 1982

Hot Car Magazine, April 1982

Brand X

Using a stock 3-litre Capri as a basis, a sack-full of 'X' Pack components and a wallet full of green-backs, Brian Hopps has transformed his pride and joy into a race track refugee.

CCC Magazine, June 1982


The Specials

Ford's newly created SVE (that's Special Vehicle Engineering) department has heralded a return to some real excitement in the showrooms. But there's much more to it than that, as Graham Jones discovered while discussing the matter with SVE boss, Rod Mansfield

CAR Magazine, July 1983

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Ford's Survivor

Ford now have two 130mph, 2.8 litre V6 coupes. Jeremey Walton drives the older

Autocar, w/e 10 September 1983

Autocar Magazine, 10 September 1983

News : Tickford Capri on sale

The exciting Tickford Capri first shown at last year's NEC motor show at Birmingham has now gone into production and will be on sale from early October, at a price around £15,000.

CAR Magazine, December 1983

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Newcomers : Tickford Tornado

Tickford's dressed-up turbo Capri is in the showrooms. It's terrific but the hair-trigger power needs watching

Performance Car, March 1987

Performance Car March 1987

Capri RIP

After more than its fair share of reprieves, Ford's final version of the Capri will be launched in early March. Called the Capri 280 it is the 2.8 injection model with a distinctive paint job and additional odds and ends of trim

Photos, brochures, adverts and magazine pages

Goodyear NCT / Ford Capri 2.8i / Jackie Stewart  Retro Car Advert
Ford Capri Calypso and Cabaret  Retro Advert
Tickford Capri Advert
Ford Capri Injection Special