BMW 3-Series (E30)

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CAR Magazine, September 1982

CAR Magazine September 1982


This brand new BMW Three Series, '83 replacement for the Bavarian company's biggest selling model, packs a great deal of clever design to help mask the lack of eyeball appeal - and relatively poor aerodynamics - of its shape.

CAR Magazine, December 1982

CAR Magazine, December 1982

BMW Three hides its talents

With BMW's vital new Three Series about to hit the road, Georg Kacher goes out driving with the men whose job it is to get the first cars right for launch. The Three's no eye-catcher, he says, but now it handles well

CAR Magazine, January 1983

CAR Magazine, January 1983

Soon: BMW's Broadside!

This BMW, the four-door version of the newly-nimble Three Series, won't be around until the second half of next year, but when it comes, it could shock the Merc 190 with its power, compactness, competitive price and finish

CAR Magazine, January 1983

CAR Magazine, January 1983


Six years' work have gone into BMW's new Three Series but you'd never realise it from the outside / LJK Setright

Car Magazine, October 1983

CAR Magazine, October 1983

Giant Test

Mercedes-Benz 190E v BMW 320i Four-door

Performance Car, November 1983

Performance Car Magazine, November 1983

Hartge plan a 2.6 BMW

Hartge, the German firm who were the first to install the 3.5 engine in a BMW five sreies car, have developed a 2.6 engine for the three series. Based on the 2.3-litre block the Hartge brothers are looking for 215 to 220bhp from their new motor.

CCC Magazine, May 1986

CCC Magazine, May 1986


Hype - or high performance? Today's generation of performance road tyres have similar very impressive, ultimate abilities, but each achieves these differently.

Performance Car, September 1986

Performance Car Magazine, September 1986

The Finest Cut

You've seen the BMW 325i as a saloon and a Cabriolet, now Munich has taken the lid off completely, to launch this superb convertible

Performance Car, September 1986

Performance Car Magazine, September 1986

Sierra RS Cosworth vs BMW M3

Ford and BMW both have serious European Championship saloon car racing aspirations for 1987. The Sierra RS Cosworth and the BMW M3 are the weapons they will use. What kind of car does the customer get?

Performance Car, September 1986

Performance Car Magazine, September 1986

Anything you can do

BMW's new all-wheel-drive variation on their sporty Three-Series theme answers a lot of criticisms about BMW handling conditions in extreme conditions, but at the expense of more than a few dry-road sacrifices

Performance Car, September 1986

Performance Car Magazine, September 1986

Open and shut cases

Baur BMW 320i Cabriolet

Fast Lane, May 1987

Fast Lane Magazine, May 1987

Two more threes

Both the BMW M3 and the 325iX are now available in Britain after all. That is, they are available to special order in left-hand-drive only, and delivery could take four months or more.

Performance Car, March 1988

Performance Car Magazine, March 1988

All-wheel drive club

Audi Quattro v Mazda 323 Turbo 4x4 v BMW 325iX v Lancia Delta HF Turbo 4WD v Ford Sierra XR4x4

Fast Lane, March 1988

Fast Lane Magazine, March 1988


Hartge H35-24

Performance Car, June 1988

Performance Car Magazine, June 1988

Touring Scotland

Following several show appearances, the BMW five-door Touring 'estate' car is now on sale throughout Britain in 325i form.

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