BMW 6-Series (E24)

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, March 1976

CAR Magazine, March 1976


Also making it's debut at Geneva - perhaps as the star of the show - will be BMW's new coupe, the 630/633. The most expensive product from Munich yet, the new car replaces the 3.0CS/CSi/CSL series that went out of production last year.

CAR Magazine, April 1976

CAR Magazine, April 1976

A BMW to boast about long as you can put upwards of £10,000 where your mouth is.

CAR Magazine, December 1976

CAR Magazine, December 1976

Flagships Two

LJK Setright's appointment with the BMW 633CSi was in the south of france. There was only one way to get there...

CAR Magazine, March 1979

CAR Magazine, March 1979

One step sideways

Ian Fraser on BMW's fast and flighty 635CSi

CCC Magazine, January 1982

CCC Magazine, January 1982

Free Wheelin'

BMW 628CSi

CAR Magazine, August 1982

No Cover Image Yet

Newcomers : Undercover Sixes

BMW's expensive new Six Series coupes get few visual changes, but there are refinements in scores

CCC Magazine, September 1982

CCC Magazine, September 1982


BMW 635 and Alpina B7S Turbo

Motor, w/e November 12 1983

Motor Magazine, week ending 12 November 1983

Bavarian Blitz

Take BMW's top-line coupe, drop in the 24-valve powerhouse from the old M1 supercar and what have you got?

Performance Car, November 1983

Performance Car Magazine, November 1983

BMW goes sporty automatically

BMW have moved their 635 Coupe into the ranks of the world's supercars.

Fast Lane, August 1985

Fast Lane August 1985

633 Squadron

BMW 633 CSi v Toyota Soarer 3.0GT Limited v Nissan Leopard TR-X 300 Turbo V6

Performance Car, March 1988

Performance Car Magazine, March 1988

BMW to revise six

Subtle revisions to BMW's top 6-Series coupes this summer will see the incorporation of many 5- and 7-Series features such as Servotronic steering and anti-slip control

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