Alfa Romeo 164

The 164 was a result of the Tipo Quattro platform-sharing collaboration between Fiat (Croma), Lancia (Thema), Saab (9000) and Alfa Romeo. It marked a significant resurgance of interest in the Alfa marque, partly down to the sharp Pininfarina styling and partly down to the much praised handling dynamics. The charismatic 3.0 V6 engine in the top-line models certainly helped too.

Specifications and performance

1989 Alfa Romeo 3.0 Lusso
0-60mph: 7.9 seconds
Top speed: 140 mph
Standing quarter mile: 16.2 seconds
Engine: 2959cc V6
Power: 192bhp @ 5600rpm

Magazine road tests and mentions

Fast Lane, May 1987

Fast Lane Magazine, May 1987

New 'Four'

Alfa's long-awaited 'Type Four' flagship, the 164, will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September

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