Andrew's TVR Vixen

22nd November 2017

TVR Vixen S3 GYA933K

I heard from Andrew who recognised the TVR Vixen I photographed at the Bicester Heritage Sunday Scramble in October 2016.

He writes:

Hi, I owned this particular Vixen S3 in 1986.
It was black with a black interior back then.
It was unusual because it had a glass rear window.

I didn't know that some came with glass rear windows, I need to look in to this more closely.

He went on to write:

It was my pride and joy back then. I had a red Vixen S2 1969 as well as your one.
I actually swapped wheels, and put the better ones on the S3.
Unfortunately I was only 18 at the time and couldn’t afford to keep them!
I’m pretty certain the S2 is no more, so it is great to see the S3 went on to be so well restored!
Its amazing to think I bought the red S2 for £1500, and sold it as a non runner for £800, and I bought your one for £1100 and sold it for £1500 !!

Imagine owning not just one firebreathing British sports car at 18 but two!