Maserati Ghibli EYO66J - From Wreck To Showcar

18th January 2017

Barney wrote to me with some past history of this gorgeous Maserati.

Maserati Ghibli EYO66J at the NEC Classic Motor Show 2009

I just did a google on this plate, on a whim, and found your pic from the 2009 NEC Classic Show. My Dad, Alistair MacDonald rebuilt this car to this standard, from a complete write off back in the early 90s. It had been barrel rolled into a ditch, bounced out of the ditch, over a hedge, and into a field. I'll ask Mum if she can dig out the pics. It wasn't in a good way. I recall he paid £3,500 for it in that state, in 1988/89 I think it was!
He was obsessed with detail, and had the wings made at Maserati in Italy, by retrieving the old machinery from mothballs. No other part would have been right. The bonnet was the only part they couldn't make so he had to have that done by a specialist metal fabricator. I could go on all day. It's a very special car and he only sold it due to the crash in the 90s affecting his business.
Do you know where it is now? I'd give anything to hear that mighty V8 fire up again. Especially from cold. I love the way it struggles to wake up, all sleepy and stuttery, then BOOM. The monster is awake!
Have a great day This pic has made mine!

If anyone knows the current owner then please e-mail me and I'll pass any details on.