Retro Rides Gathering 2016

26th September 2016

The Retro Car Event

I'm proud to say that I've been a part of Retro-Rides since the very start, one of the team that kickstarted the whole thing in February 2004. Little did we realise back then just how influential and successful the site would grow to be. This is reflected in just how good the associated Retro Rides Gathering has become.

Retro Datsun Skyline GT
Yellow retro Ford Escort Mk2 RS2000
Retro Alpina BMW e12 B7S Turbo
Retropower Dialynx Audi Short Sport quattro

Held at the historic Shelsley Walsh hillclimb venue, the 2016 show attracted some of the finest retro machinery in the country today and many of the most vibrant community/forum members that help the retro car scene continue to go from strength to strength.

The misty grey drizzle didn't hang around for long and couldn't keep me away from the cars. There was so much to see! From the stunning Lotus Esprit on airride to the pristine Vauxhall Nova Sport, the super rare Renault 9 (where did they all go?) to the Alpina BMW E12, there was something for everyone.

It's not just a static show-in-a-field though, there's the hillclimb too. The pair of Mazda RX7s sounded glorious and the twin Vauxhall-engined Mini Estate looked terrifying as they made their way up the hill.

There are over 450 photos in the full Retro Rides Gathering 2016 gallery, have a look. If your car is in there then please get in touch and tell me about it, I'd love to know more about what I saw!

Bagged stanced Lotus Esprit
Rare Vauxhall Nova Sport
Stanced Peugeot 405 Estate
Magenta Retro Ford Escort Mk4 on Three Spoke Wheels