Viva SkegVegas

22nd August 2016

A VW show with a few surprises!

I hadn't been to Viva SkegVegas before so I was intrigued to see what awaited at the end of a horribly soggy three hour drive across the country to Lincolnshire.

It was definitely worth enduring the weather. Things brightened up and although it was drizzly for much of the weekend the sun broke through enough for me to snap a selection of photos.

Click for the full Viva SkegVegas 2016 photo gallery.

In amongst a wide variety of aircooled Volkswagens lurked a few non-VW gems, including a gorgeous Citroen Visa and a lovely Fiat 900 Camper Van. A handful of Porsche 356s were a welcome sight too, and who wouldn't be charmed by the supercute Mini Pickup-based Ice Cream van? Of particular VW interest was an amazing Phoenix Camper kit, a real slice of 1970s retro sci-fi fantasy made real. I want one, as did many others over the weekend!

Hayburner Mag Squareback Project Car
Citroen Visa Classic Car
Phoenix Camper VW Kit Car
Classic Mini Pink Ice Cream Van