Renault R4

The R4 was a (highly successful) attempt by Renault to produce their own version of the Citroen 2CV.

Launched in July 1961 the model lasted all the way through until December 1992 with over 8 million being made in total.

The first R4s were very basic models with blanked out rear side windows. For an additional 400 francs buyers could have glass fitted there, which soon became standard. Initially there was also a Renault 3 version, powered by a 603cc engine instead of the 747cc of the R4. This variant wasn't popular and production lasted only a year, with 2526 made.

A series of improvements were made over the years including larger 845cc and 956cc engines, new dashboard, front disc brakes and plastic side cladding.

Notable derivatives include the F4 and F6 vans, the Rodeo and the Sinpar 4x4 conversions.

Production of the Renault 4 peaked in 1968 when 336,604 were made.

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