Audi ur-Quattro

Specifications and performance

Model: 1983 Quattro
Max Speed: 137mph
0-60: 6.7 Seconds
Power: 200bhp
Engine: 2144cc five cylinder

Magazine road tests and mentions

CAR Magazine, April 1979

CAR Magazine, April 1979


That rugged-up gentleman looming large is a VW Audi employee trying to protect his latest charge from the ever-prying Nikon of scoop camerman Hans Lehmann. The car behind him (in Norway) is the hotter version of Audi's new 80 coupe, complete with full-depth spoiler integrated into the bumper section

CAR Magazine, April 1980

CAR Magazine, April 1980

Quattro: A sensation arrives

From Audi comes a new sort of GT car, rewriting the rules as it goes

CAR Magazine, August 1980

CAR Magazine, August 1980

Status Quattro

Like something beamed down from space, the all-wheel drive and turbocharged Audi Quattro arrived to eclipse its rivals overnight.

CAR Magazine, April 1981

CAR Magazine, April 1981

The Quattro Quandary

Having eulogised over Audi's quadripartite-drive Quattro in Switzerland and then in Germany, the devil of uncertainty possessed us. Could it really be that good? Had we exaggerated?

CAR Magazine, March 1982

CAR Magazine March 1982

Monte Quattro

What would you use for a dash deep into France, when the job is to follow the Monte Carlo Rally? Mel Nichols chose a Quattro...

CAR Magazine, August 1983

CAR Magazine, August 1983

Long Term Test Special : Quattro Force!

Audi's Quattro coupe, standard bearer in their hell-for-leather charge to the top of the performance car mountain, shows practicality too in this 15,000 mile enduro-test. It's saloon sister, the 80 Quattro, confirms the greatness of the all-wheel drive concept.

CAR Magazine, September 1983

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This short, light, mega-powerful Quattro will soon become Audi's new rally rocket - and Germany's most exclusive car

Fast Lane, August 1985

Fast Lane August 1985

Audi Quattro

Has 'Vorsprung' sprung a leak? Now that the awesome Quattro is no longer king of the rally circuit has it lost any of its appeal as a road machine? We examine the latest version

Performance Car, March 1988

Performance Car Magazine, March 1988

All-wheel drive club

Audi Quattro v Mazda 323 Turbo 4x4 v BMW 325iX v Lancia Delta HF Turbo 4WD v Ford Sierra XR4x4

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